The forum

The forum is all about increasing the amount of good quality social housing available to rent or buy. We are a committed and experienced group of housing professionals who, over the years, have seen how the system can sometimes frustrate developers and providers who simply want to make more social housing available.

The forum is all about networking, getting information, sharing good practice and then putting people together to make good deals. By using our contacts and streamlined processes, we can help everyone do what they do best. But as a new organisation we want to listen to what you think. We know what some of the problems are and have lots of ideas about how we can help. But what do you think? What are the big issues worrying you for 2020? Are you confident about the economic outlook? Are you planning to build more, acquire more and invest more? Or are you hunkering down, building up your reserves and waiting to see what happens? And what are the big issues that need to be sorted? If you had the ear of the housing minister (or even his boss) what would you want him (and it is a him!) to do?

Once we have your thoughts we will collate them all into a report that will set out the concerns of the social housing sector. We will use this to make sure the forum is addressing the actual needs and wants of the sector, and to get the attention of the people who make decisions. As a responder to the survey you will receive a free copy of the report and, if you want, be named as a contributor.

So please spend ten minutes filling in the survey at LINK. Let us know what you think. By working together we can make a huge difference.