We help you sell your units fast and for great value.

Future Housing Initiative works closely with Registered Providers and Housing Associations throughout the UK who have large buying power and available budgets.  We can help you sell your units before they are built, during construction or when they are completed (turnkey).

We specialise in making deals for affordable homes and land acquisitions happen quickly and efficiently. We act on behalf of suppliers (e.g. landowners, developers and housebuilders) linking them with the providers who need their stock.

Future Housing Initiative brings together experts in the field of affordable housing, housing development, finance, legal and planning so that we can streamline your development processes you can meet the Registered Providers & Housing Associations needs without affecting your bottom line.

We can help developers with four units or four hundred.

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Purpose & Values

Our primary objective is to promote affordable housing for the public good by leveraging stakeholder profit motive and increasing private-sector investment.

Our guiding principles are commerciality, transparency and honesty.

We add value by acting as an honest broker : streamlining deals, connecting supply and demand, and acting in the interest of all stakeholders.

To find out more about how we can help you secure your deals, and much more information about how the Initiative works, go to How it Works