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Who can join Future Housing Forum?

Membership is open to housing associations, registered providers (for-profit and not-for-profit) and local authorities. In addition, we encourage organisations who wish to become registered providers to join the Forum.

How do you help promote affordable housing?

The Forum is designed to help promote the supply of affordable housing by encouraging housing associations and local authorities to work together commercially with private-sector organisations such as housebuilders, developers and landowners.

Why should I join Future Housing Forum?

As a member, your organisation will be well placed to make contact with your private-sector counterparts and to enter into housing and land transactions, some of which are not advertised for sale on the open market. You will also be able to network with other members with a view to pooling resources and making joint bids for projects. If you are an organisation wishing to become a registered provider, we will help guide you through the process.

What other benefits do you offer?

In addition to significant benefits outlined above, the Forum will maintain a library of resources; organise events for networking; and will be able to direct you to specialist advisers in the affordable housing field.

How much does membership cost?

Your first six months’ membership is free. Thereafter each organisation will pay a yearly subscription of £294.

What fees are charged for commercial transactions?

An introduction fee of 1.5% (plus VAT) of the relevant consideration is charged to members where they successfully complete on the purchase of affordable housing or land offered through Future Housing Initiative.

Is Future Housing Forum a profit-making organisation?

Yes. Future Housing Forum is a subsidiary of Future Housing Initiative. Both companies are profit-making, although we expect that the Forum will be subsidised by Future Housing Initiative.

Is Future Housing Forum a political organisation?

No. Future Housing initiative and Future Housing Forum are politically independent organisations. The Forum may consult members with a view to lobbying government on certain policy issues relating to housing.

Can you advise on section 106 and CIL?

Yes. We can advise one or both parties to any transaction in connection with the section 106 framework and CIL.  However, we always recommend that you should obtain independent legal advice on any technical issues.