What is Future Housing Initiative?

Two companies: One Purpose

Future Housing Initiative specialises in making deals for affordable homes and land happen quickly and efficiently. We act on behalf of suppliers (e.g. landowners, developers and housebuilders) linking them with the providers who need their stock.

Future Housing Forum is a trade and professional association for registered providers and organisations wishing to be registered. We use our networks and contacts to link you with people who have the land and property you need. And by bundling deals we ensure best value all round.

The two companies are run for profit with a single purpose: to provide more affordable housing nationwide. By supporting developers and housing providers and linking people with mutual interest, we can ensure everyone gains.


Future Housing wants more affordable housing to be made available for those who cannot afford to rent or buy on the open market. We believe that this can be achieved through increasing private investment in affordable housing, using smarter models for funding developments and promoting better co-operation between public and private-sector housing professionals.